Successful pregnancy and Delivery After Kidney Transplantation
Zana Zegarac, Zeljko Duic, Sandra Stasenko, Vanja Fenzl, Jasenka Zmijanac- Partl, Mladen Knotek
Med Arh. 2012; 66(4): 278-280

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The kidney transplantation is considered to be the best therapy for terminal kidney disease, nowadays. Numerous studies have shown that pregnancy may be successful and may result in a delivery of a healthy baby after the kidney transplantation. Pregnant women who are the recipients of a kidney transplant have increased chances of developing hypertension, preeclampsia, as well as going into premature labour and frequently giving birth to newborns of low birth weight. We present a case of a successful pregnancy and delivery in a 32-year-old kidney transplant recipient who conceived spontaneously four years posttransplantation. The kidney transplantation has been done due to the chronic hypertension and the consequential kidney atrophy. During the pregnancy, the patient underwent anti-hypertension and immunosupressive drugs therapy. She was also being monitored by the gynaecologist and the nephrologist. The pregnancy was terminated in the 40th week by an urgent Caesarean section due to the fetal bradycardia. The patient gave birth to the healthy baby girl.


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