The Incidence of Caesarean Sections in the University Clinical Center of Kosovo
Brikene Elshani, Armond Daci, Sanije Gashi, Shefqet Lulaj
Acta Inform Med. 2012; 20(4): 244-248

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Introduction: As in most countries of the world also at Kosovo the rate of Cesarean section from year to year is increasing. Aim: The main purpose of this paper was to present the incidence of births completed by Caesarean section at the Clinic of Gynecology and Obstetrics of University Clinical Center of Kosovo in Prishtinë. Material and methods: This study is retrospective, namely its made by collecting epidemiological data from patients’ histories that completed birth by Caesarean section for the period 2000-2006 in this clinic. Results and discussion: During this period, 14 maternal deaths were recorded during or after Caesarean section. Besides this, 14 lethal outcomes, the object of our study was 84 mothers which completed birth by Caesarean section and which are best used as a control group. The average age of mothers who died during or after Caesarean section was 32.1 years (SD ± 4.9). Youngest in this group was 24 years old and oldest 42 years. While the average age of mothers from the control group was 30.6 years (SD ± 5.9). Youngest was 19 and oldest 43 years, without significant difference. Most mothers included in the survey had more than one indication for Caesarean section. The most frequent indication was PIH syndrome with 33.7% and previous Caesarean section in 32.7%. Then with the participation of 12.2% were abruption of the placenta and disproportio feto pelvinea, 11.2% pelvinea and placenta praevia presentation, 10.2% parturiens while other indications were much rarer with less than 10% participation. Conclusion: Based on this we can conclude that the risk of the Caesarean section is high.

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