Early and Correct Diagnosis of Celiac Disease in the Prevention of Growth Disorders and Child Development
Esad Brigic, Devleta Hadzic, Nada Mladina
Mat Soc Med. 2012; 24(4): 242-247

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Coeliac, in ordinary people known as “flour allergy”and in medicine world known as gluten enteropathy which means enteric damage caused by gluten. Data about incidence of gluten enteropathy is different in different countries around the World and depend on is it or is it not the right diagnosis for enteric disorder. Sometimes, this disease is unrecognized because of unspecific clinical signs. This disease is happening in every moment of a lifetime, most common during the childhood when the children try to eat any food which contains gluten. Anyway, if children had no symptoms it doesn’t¢t mean that disease not exists, and that¢is because we have to do diagnostic tests to confirm gluten enteropathy. Gluten intolerance is chronic disease and demand use of the specific non gluten food during the lifetime. Early diagnosis is right way to prevent unregularly growth. Aim of this study was to show the influence of early diagnostic about growth. For each patient we had a permission of parents and we showed our original results for three month we investigated.


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