Inadequacy the Health System in Serbia and Corrupt Institutions
Veselin Dickov
Mat Soc Med. 2012; 24(4): 262-267

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Rapid changes in the health system require a new trained professionals who fully understand the processes of health and organizational problems and have the knowledge and skills that enable them to manage health care services. Health services to their largely rests on a system of solidarity and “socialism”, and only partly on market principle, and more than in other sectors of the economy requires individuals who are able to bridge that gap. Realize savings in the system that one side is not profitable, on the other hand is able to swallow a huge media arts is that simply needs to learn–just relying on common sense and intuition that no longer helps. The increase in costs. Advances in medicine and technology, and discovery of new drugs, namely, the almost daily increase the costs of diagnosis and treatment. Advances in medicine prolongs life expectancy by increasing the number of patients, especially those with chronic diseases, the biggest consumer of drugs and frequent guests hospital.


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