The Relationship Between Oral Hygiene and Oral Colonisation with Candida Species
Selma Muzurovic, Emina Babajic, Tarik Masic, Rubina Smajic, Aida Selmanagic
Med Arh. 2012; 66(6): 415-417

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The aim of this study is to determine relationship between oral hygiene and colonisation of Candia species in oral cavity. Introduction: Maintenance oral hygiene is reducing pathological agents in the mouth and preventing violation of oral health. Material and methods: Study included 140 patients. For oral hygiene assessement were used the dental plaque index, oral hygiene index and dental calculus index. Ph test strips were used to determine pH of saliva. For isolation of Candida species oral swabs were taken to all patients. Results: It was found out that pH of oral cavity does not varies notably, no matter of oral hygiene level. Candida species were identified in 28,6% respondents. The most present were Candida albicans,in 85% cases. The presence of plaque, tartar and high index oral hygiene (IOH) in patients with Candida is statistically significant. It was found that 83,4% of patients with Candida poorly maintained oral hygiene. Poor oral hygiene is associated with a significantly higher score in the presence of tartar, plaque and high IOH. In total patient’s population 67% has amalgam fillings. Presence of amalgam fillings in patients with identified Candida was statistically significant. Conclusion: This study indicates low level of oral hygiene. Correlation between presence of Candida species and poor oral hygiene was proved. Also Candida was more present among patients with amalgam fillings. Improvement of oral hygiene is necessery for oral health and health in general, as well.


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