Homology Analysis of New Delhi metallo-B-lactamase (NDM-1) Gene Sequences from Enterobacter
Song He, Jin Qin and Fei Yuan
Acta Inform Med. 2012; 20(2): 118-128

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New Delhi metallo-β-lactamase (NDM-1), as a broad-spectrum β-lactamase, is able to inactivate almost all β-lactams. NDM-producers have been detected in extensively pathogen worldwide. The objective of this study was to analyze the homology of NDM-1-encoding genes based on the blaNDM-1 gene sequences downloaded from GenBank. The phylogenetic tree analysis showed that the blaNDM-1 gene sequences divided into two different branches with similarity score only 54. A common sequence of 242bps at length was extracted from branch-1, and 469bps common sequence was extracted from branch-2, respectively. The subsequent detection of NDM-1 harboring clinical isolates with PCR and real-time PCR molecular techniques should based on the two common sequences of branch-1 and branch-2.


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