Unusual Side Effects of Interferon Beta-1a in Patient with Multiple Sclerosis

Maryam Tavakoli, Seyed Mohammad Yousof Mostafavi Pour Manshadi, Nafiseh Naderi, Abolfazl Dehghan, Sanaz Azizi

Mat Soc Med. 2012; 24(3): 203-205

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This is a descriptive case report of a 30-year-old man with massive epistaxis, echymosis on arms, abnormal CBC and increased plasma urea and creatinine level (i.e. above normal range). Probably, these are as side effects of interferon beta-1a injection. This is the first report according to our literature search (Pub Med, Google scholar, ISI web of knowledge, ProQuest, MD consult, Science Direct, and SCOPUS) about interferon beta-1a related abnormal kidney function tests hereafter. Abnormal kidney function tests (i.e. increased plasma urea and creatinie level) is not a known as side effect of interferon beta-1a. This case indicates, likely potential for development of these side effects with this medication.


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