Importance of the Adrenergic Nerve System in the Response of Gases in the Arterial Blood Following the Provoked Bronchospasm

Hilmi Islami, Arta Veseli, Emir Behluli, Naim Morina

Med Arh. 2012; 66(5): 292-295

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Introduction: this work, partial pressure of the respiratory gases in the capillary blood (pH, PaO2, PaCO2) was studied, following the protective action of the beta2-adrenergic stimulator-Hexoprenaline and alpha2-adrenergic blocker-Tolazoline in the bronchoconstriction caused by a beta-blocker-Propranolol. Material and methods: in patients with increased bronchial reactibility. pH, oxygen partial pressure (PaO2), dioxide carbon partial pressure (PaCO2) in the arterial blood, with the assistance of the analyzer IL, following some minutes of sample taking were defined in all patients. As a standard to verify the accuracy of the measurement, ampoule solutions of pH, PaO2 and PaCO2 were utilized (Acidobasel, Berlin). Results and discussion: Following the inhalation of the beta-blocker-Propranolol (20 mg/ml–aerosol), there was an evident decrease (p<0.05) of pO2 and a non-significant increase (p>0.1) of pCO2. Beta2-adrenergcic stimulator–Hexoprenaline (2 inh x 0.2 mg), shows an protective effect in the decrease of pO2 (p<0.05) following the bronchoconstriction being provoked by Propranolol. Alpha2-adrenergic blocker-Tolazoline (20 mg/ml-aerosol), has not shown a protective action in the bronchoconstriction caused with propranolol, therefore significant decrease (p<0.05) of pO2 and a non-significant increase (p> 0.1) of pCO2 appeared. This shows that stimulation of beta2-adrenergic receptor has protective action in changes of the respiratory gases. Meantime, blocker of the alpha2-adrenergic receptor (Tolazoline) has not shown a protective action in changes of the respiratory gases.


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