Ankle Distorsion
Sahib Muminagic, Faruk Hodjic, Refik Muharemovic, Mirza Oruc
Med Arh. 2012; 66(4): 265-270

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Introduction: Despite enormous number of publications on classifications and treatment of ankle fractures, this problem remains actual till present days. Never the less, the ultimate goal remains the same – anatomically correct position of articular surfaces, painless and stabile ankle joint. Material and methods: Through prospective study we processed over 50 patients from policlinic data of Orthopedic – Traumatology ward in Cantonal Hospital Zenica. Research lasted over one year and we collected tremendous data from patients which filled in surveys. These data were processed and presented in this study. From collected data we determined statistical incidence of so called ¨overseen¨ and poorly treated injuries of lateral ligaments, origin and mechanism of injuries, number of previous injuries of same nature and then compared with data on treatment method, whether conservative or operative. Results and discussion: We paid special attention and presented findings on age and gender groups that are most involved in ankle injuries. We’ve confirmed that RTG-Varus stress test is still the method of choice in diagnostics of ankle lateral ligaments injuries. We also determined how treatment duration correlates to time between injury and check in, number of recidivism and most importantly correlation between duration of symptoms and length of immobilization and physical therapy duration. We appeal to our colleagues to approach these injuries with higher level of interest and methodically during diagnosis and therapy because every oversight leads to increased risk of repeated injury, chronic instability of ankle joint, cartilage damage and progression of arthritic joint changes. All of those factors greatly im-pairs patient’s life quality. Competent and quality examination will determine, with more accuracy, degree of injury and set basis for adequate therapy which will not leave any consequences for the patient. That would provide him to continue with normal everyday activaties.


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