The Impact of Periodontitis in the Preterm Birth and Body Size of Newborns
Muhametaj Lauren, Alilaj Minire, Xhelili Maldi, Muhametaj Mirton, Manaj Aferdita
Mat Soc Med. 2012; 24(1): 44-47

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Background: Increasing evidence suggests that maternal gingivitis and periodontitis may be a risk factor for preterm birth and other adverse pregnancy outcomes. Objective: To assess the relationship between periodotitis and preterm birth. Methods: A retrospective study which included 230 pregnant women, and the delivery follow up to determine the correlation between periodontitis and preterm birth. Results: The study indicates that periodontal infection can lead to placental-fetal exposure and, when coupled with a fetal inflammatory response, can lead to preterm delivery. Periodontitis is correlated with preterm birth, so early diagnosis and a careful treatment are very important issues. Conclusion: Periodontitis is one of the main causes of preterm-premature rupture of membranes and a proper treatment is the best solution for this pathology.


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