Role of Hereditary Factors in Strabismus Occurrence
Vinko Regoda, Sanja Sefic-Kasumovic
Med Arh. 2012; 66(6): 418-419

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Aim: This work was aimed to determine the frequency of hereditary factors in relatives of children who have previously underwent the examination and appropriate diagnostic procedures that proved existence of squint. Methods: Our research included 113 relatives who responded to our calls for review. Results: In 36 (31.85%) of hereditary factors in the occurrence of one or more members of the same family. Some members had appearance of hereditary factors in the cases of all three generations, while in other cases of strabismus it was present in one or two generations of the same genealogical tree. Most often represented eyeball deviation was convergent squint (72.22%), diverging at 16.66% of respondents, while mixed forms and vertical deviations were much less frequent. Conclusion: Taking into consideration that strabismus is mostly present in more than one member of family, it is necessary to undertake a wide active search among relatives of the children suffering from strabismus in order to find a role of hereditary factors among the children suffering from bulbous deviation.


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