Analysis of Chemotherapy and Molecular Therapy efficiency in Advanced or Metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Alma Mekic-Abazovic, Hakija Beculic, Senad Dervisevic, Bilal Imcirovic
Med Arh. 2012; 66(4): 262-264

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Aim: To compare a benefit of chemiotherapeutic protocols Docetaxel with Tarceva molecular therapy in advanced or metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Primary endpoint- OS (Overall survival), Toxicity, Secondary endpoint-Quality of life. Patients and methods: In this retrospective and -prospec-tive study a total of 63 patients (two groups- 30+33 patients) were analysed and treated for advanced or metastatic NSCLC during the period 2008-2010. One group was treated with molecular therapy Tarceva oral, and the other group was treated with chemiotherapy Docetaxel monotherapy every three weeks. The chemotherapy was administered intravenously. Monitoring parameters included overall survival and toxicity. Results: Statistical differencet was registered in histology type, total toxicity and total survival. Adenocarcinom occured as a more often pathohistologic type in both groups of patients (Tarceva 57, 6% vs Docetaxel 83, 3%). The chemio-therapeutic protocol, Docetaxel monotherapy, demonstrated higher total toxicity than Tarceva molecular therapy (hematological toxicity grade II 69. 0 % Docetaxel vs 12. 5 % Tarceva). Tarceva molecular therapy demonstrated longer overall survival (OS) than Docetaxel (Tarceva 26, 4 months vs Docetaxel 15, 5 months). Conclusion: In this investigation of two groups of patients the molecular therapy Tarceva was showed better efficiency and toxicity profile. Preferred regimen could be molecular therapy Tarceva.


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